Research groups

Research groups

The Research Center for New Pedagogical Architectures

The Research Center for New Pedagogical Architectures (NP-NAP) is committed to a scientific-academic approach that leads to the re-invention of education and pedagogical processes inherent to the relationships of teaching and learning at all levels and modes of education.

The main goal of the Center is the development of researches and educational intervention programs that incorporate in its conception new languages and technologies that permeate people’s life, the ethics in human relationships, and different educational cultures.

Among other goals, the following have been established: Offering of diverse training courses for teachers and other professionals; the development of innovative ways of human-computer interaction for virtual learning environments in different platforms and languages, both for personal computers and mobile devices; the introduction of new curricula, new forms of education and representation of knowledge, aiming at building more meaningful learning; create instructional materials that incorporate new and different languages.

The PAN-PBL: Association of Problem-Based Learning and Active Learning Methodologies aims to promote educational forums for professionals representing a wide variety of positions and knowledge on Problem-Based Learning and Active Learning Methodologies, as well as communication, cooperation and scientific research for individuals and institutions.

The GoodProject Brasil is an initiative of the Research Center for New Pedagogical Architectures at the University of São Paulo, directed by Prof. Ulisses Araujo. In collaboration with the Good Project team directed by Prof. Howard Gardner, and linked to Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School of Education, we seek to bring to Brazil the principles that support this program in the United States and other countries around the world. Good Project, que está vinculado ao Project Zero da Harvard Graduate School of Education, sob a coordenação de Howard Gardner, buscamos trazer para o Brasil os princípios que sustentam esse programa nos Estados Unidos e em outros países do mundo.

In Brazil, over the next few years, our goal is to create educational resources, offer courses and develop active methodologies that help Brazilian youth in building purposeful projects based on the principles of ethics, excellence, and engagement.